Katuumba El Tazman Devil Gran Pamir 



(SBIS Ch El Ashraf Siyah Khan del Gran Pamir x Boxadan Big Girls Don’t Cry)


Champion Producer



About Tigro 

It’s no secret some breeders keep their best dog at home – and we sadly did so too…. Another gentleman at Gran Pamir, unfortunately Tigro (or ‘Tigger’) was rarely shown in his life! With all our regret! Again, for several reasons we are not to list here… He was an extremely beautiful, masculin but yet elegant boy. With an outstanding body, long neck, chiselled head and with such a powerful movement, he produced two litters (for kennels Dietinger’s and Kharasahn) with several winners of whom the best known is Italian, International, Slovenian, Croatian, German and Austrian champion, LC DUAL Italian and International champion Dietinger’s Bj Thee Mustafa.