December 3rd 2016 – International Show in San Marino (RSM)


Results from the weekend… Better late than never!
San Marino International Show (RSM), Crufts 2017 qualification


** Ch Mr Spaceman del Gran Pamir 
** Ch Tjuringa Sacred Spirit del Gran Pamir 
CAC – NEW Champion


Under judge Mr Argente de Castillo (E). Very proud of our boys 
Thank you Federico Sanguinetti for stepping in and showing Space in the group! Space is owned by Paola Pieri, watch for him in 2017, now reaching full maturity.

spacesm16 tjurichsm

Space photo by Stefano Billy Cadore and Tjuri’s by Assunta Loreti.



November 12-13th – International Shows in Sempeter-Vrtojba (Slo)


*Ch Eleanor Rigby del Gran Pamir*

-Day 1 CAC CACIB BOB Group 1st
-Day 2 CAC CACIB BOB Group 2nd


A nice weekend at the IDS in Sempeter-Vrtojba in Slovenia!“Zelda” is now one only Cac away from her Slovenian title with three Group placings (Gr1/2/2) our of 4 appearances on the Slovenian soil.
Thank you judges Mrs Collet Muldon (Ir) and Mr Jose Homem De Mello (Pt) for appreciating this spicy girl so highly!
Thank you Alessandro Avigni for capturing Zelda in the big ring!
As always owned and loved by Sabrina Paradiso and Stefano Ladolfi.

zeldamov zeldabig



October 2016


October 22nd – AKC Field Trial (USA)


Am Ch Gaston LaGaffe del Gran Pamir

-AKC BEST IN FIELD on the first day

-AKC Best of Breed on the second day




Few points to go to reach his Dual Ch title! Way to go Patty & Dan!




On the same day “Zelda” in Italy showed off on the field as well!


Ch Eleanor Rigby del Gran Pamir – RCACL (valid as CACL)

Starting her Lure Coursing Championship at her second trial ever. What a girl!





October 16th – Tri-Star kennel Club Show – Tennessee (USA)


FCh Gaston LaGaffe del Gran Pamir – NEW AMERICAN CHAMPION!!

Going Winners Dog on Saturday and & Best of Winners on Sunday for a 3 point Major. 


We are so proud of Gaston, Patty and Dan! Hearty congratulations friends, we are so happy Gaston can share his life with you, pleasing you day after day at home, on the field and in the ring!




Hope we can call him AKC Dual Champion soon!



October 9th – Bastia Umbra Club Show


Ch Mr Spaceman del Gran Pamir – RCAC (yet another one!!)

Ch Eleanor Rigby del Gran Pamir – RCAC & Runner Up Best Bitch


Judge Mrs A Benoit – Sayadena Kennel, B




October 2nd – International LC Lonato


Very proud of our golden girls, beauty and brain has always been a family thing!


Luna Lovegood del Gran Pamir – CACL

Eleanor Rigby del Gran Pamir – RCACL

(Cacil not awarded as the other dogs entered didn’t take part to either one or the other manche)


Congratulations to owners Fabrizio Repossi and Sabrina Paradiso on their girls performance.

“Angie” won over Zelda (at her first competition) for 0.5 points, good girls!




September 2016

Sept 24th – Int. Show Lecco


*Jr Ch Thundelarra Thunder del Gran Pamir – CAC CACIB BOS 


After quite a break from the rings, happy boy “Thunder” made a quick appearance in the show ring last weekend taking home a CAC CACIB Best Male at the Lecco International Show. 
Thunder is being selectively shown waiting for maturity but watch for him later, he’s got the attitude





Sept 11th – San Marino Int KC Show – SM

We are proud to introduce our new Champion!
“Zelda” won her last tickets on Sunday and can now call herself
*New FCI INTERNATIONAL & Sm CH Multi Group Winning & RBIS Ch Eleanor Rigby del Gran Pamir*
Thank you Federico Sanguinetti for handling this beautiful, wild girl on the day and to her owners Sabrina Paradiso and Stefano Ladolfi for their care and dedication.


Starting her career in July 2015, Zelda is the 4th to finish (4 shown) out of the Dual Ch Shinin’Cloud del Gran Pamir x Xendra Xedrella del Gran Pamir. What a litter! We are very proud of our dogs and their great owners.




Sept 6th – Welcome Tjuri & Michelle’s babies!!



We are very proud to announce the arrival of their babies and eager to see them grow. Michelle is the best of moms, taken care of by her owner Noemi Mainardi. Michelle is a Multi Champion girl with the smartest brain, and has also the License of Coursing. Tjuri himself has been sparingly shown but is only a couple of tickets away from his championships and waiting for maturity!

More under Litters! 



Sept 4th – Oland Nat KC Show – Sweden

Jelly Jinx del Gran Pamir (Bellatrix’s sister) wins the CAC, 2nd Best Bitch and Veteran BOB under judge Mr Benny Blidh Von Schedvin (S).


Congratulations to owners in Sweden Jessica and Jenny Jansson. 

Sonja has only be shown at 8 official shows and 1 unofficial “no CAC” show in all her life. She has never been placed less than 2nd Best Bitch (RU-Best Bitch). In Italy 6 shows – 4 CAC, 2 Res-CAC, CACIB, Res-CACIB, several BOBs, BOS, Group placements, 2nd Best Bitch. In Sweden; 2 shows – 1 CAC, 1 Res-CAC, 2 x 2nd Best Bitch, BOB-Veteran; 1 unofficial show BIS-Veteran



Sept 3rd – Biloxi Mississippi KC Shows USA (details coming up)

FCh Gaston LaGaffe adds other 3 x Winners Dog & Best of Winners in the States in one weekend. Well done Patty & Gaston! This brings Gaston very close to his title, with a major left to get. Good boy!




Sept 3rd – World Racing Championship Toulouse (F)

Martin Mystère del Gran Pamir “Scott” places # 6!

Congratulations to proud owner Tiziana Azzolini.


August 2016


Aug 20th – Whippet Club Show Tyngsrid – Sweden (details coming up)

Jelly Jinx del Gran Pamir (Bellatrix’s sister) is back on the rings winning Veteran BEST IN SHOW at the Whippet Club show in Sweden. 



Aug 15th – KC Show USA (details coming up)

FCh Gaston LaGaffe wins Winners Dog & Best of Winners under judge Patti Neale!



July 2016


July 13th 2016 – We welcome Felix & Lizzie’s babies!




“Felix” is one of Italy’s top winning Afghans in recent years while “Lizzie” has never been shown but is no less than her amazing Multi winning littermates Champions Mr Spaceman, Michelle Ma Belle, Lady Madonna and Eleanor Rigby del Gran Pamir. We expect balanced and sound puppies embodying the qualities we treasure in our Afghans! More under Litters!

For more information feel free to contact us,!






Brothers Ch Gaston LaGaffe & Martin Mystère del Gran Pamir are currently both # 2 LC Afghans respectively in USA and Europe! Congratulations to proud owners!



June 2016


Tara Afghan Hound Specialty (USA)

FCh Gaston LaGaffe del Gran Pamir

WD for a 3 pt Major!

Under judge Russ Hastings! Congratulations owners Patty Dahlman and Dan Elkes!

Gaston posing here with his trophy!





June 4th 2016




Slowing down with the showing, it’s so good to enjoy the dogs also in other ways!

Very proud of our doggies getting their Lure Coursing License at their first try ever! 4 out of 4! Dual purpose is in their blood <3

JCh Inigo Imagika del Gran Pamir 
Parvati Palitha del Gran Pamir
GrpWin JCh Thundelarra Thunder del Gran Pamir
RBIS Eleanor Rigby del Gran Pamir (owners Sabrina Paradiso Stefano Ladolfi)
… supported by the already licensed family member Tjuringa Sacred Spirit del Gran Pamir. 

Thank you everyone for a nice day! Beautiful photos are up in their galleries!




May 22nd 2016

Genova Int/Specialty Show




Ch Mr Spaceman del Gran Pamir RCAC

Judge A Marengoni


Good to see Space in shape again – been away for almost a year due to a bad grooming accident! Look forward to his final ticket…

Owned by Paola Pieri




May 2016

FCh Gaston LaGaffe del Gran Pamir completes his AKC Senior Courser title!

Gaston is also OFA Good and Thyroid Normal!

Owners Patty Dahlman and Dan Elkes.




May 2016

Congratulations to the Gran Pamir kids invited to be part of the LC European Championship!

Ch Martin Mystère del Gran Pamir (owner T Azzolini), Ch Mr Spaceman del Gran Pamir (owner P Pieri), Ch Michelle Ma Belle del Gran Pamir (owner N Mainardi). Good luck to those attending!




April 24-25th 2016


Back-to-Back Nat & Int Show in Lugo-Ravenna

**Multi Ch Bellatrix Bloxom del Gran Pamir (shown only at the Int Show)

All breeds Veteran BIS


**Tjuringa Sacred Spirit del Gran Pamir




Pleased with Bellatrix’s first appearance as a “mature” girl (still showing off!) in Italy going Best In Show Winner under judge Mrs A Johansson (Sweden)! With her slow maturing son getting closer again to his It. and Int. title, with only 1 Cacib to go.



April 20th 2016

Currently USA’s # 2 Afghan Hound ASFA Ranking 2016 !
American Field Champion Gaston LaGaffe del Gran Pamir


Owners Patty Dahlman and Dan Elkes, keep up the good work!




March 27th 2016


We are happy to share good news! Thank you to all the Gran Pamir that contributed to this:

Bellatrix, Felix, Michelle, Zelda, Elly, Space, Tjuri, Thunder, Pawnie, Ray, Angie, Scott and their dedicated owners!


*Conformation & Sport Trophy



March 27th 2016

**Tjuringa Sacred Spirit del Gran Pamir



Under judge Mr P Buratti! These wins bring “Tjuri” quite close to finish his INT Ch title as he is only 1 Cacib away from it (to get after June). Although sparingly shown, wild and slow maturing Tjuri makes us proud 🙂




March 26th 2016

**Tjuringa Sacred Spirit del Gran Pamir


**Eleanor Rigby del Gran Pamir


Under judge Mr Bruno Nodalli

Zelda is always owned, loved and conditioned by Sabrina Paradiso and Stefano Ladolfi





March 12th 2016 

CRUFTS – Birmingham (UK)


*Multi Ch Bellatrix Bloxom del Gran Pamir– 2nd in Veteran Class (15 entries, her debut!)
*Jr Ch Thundelarra Thunder del Gran Pamir – 3rd in Limit Class (11 entries)
*Eleanor Rigby del Gran Pamir – shortlisted among the final 8 in an Open Class of 23 entries.


Proud of our babies turning heads! 






March 12th 2016


We have a new Champion!
American Field Champion Gaston LaGaffe del Gran Pamir



Finishing with Multi Asfa BOB wins and ranking in the Top Ten 2015 as well. To our knowledge he may be the first European-born Afghan to achieve the FCh title!
Gaston is also OFA Good and Thyroid Normal. Way to go boy! 

Proud Owners Patty Dahlman and Dan Elkes in Alabama.


Gaston is also litterbrother to Martyn Mystère del Gran Pamir (Tiziana Azzolini Kharasahnsky), # 1 Racing Afghan 2015. Dual Purpose Afghans, always!




February 6th & 7th 2016


*Eleanor Rigby del Gran Pamir*




Thanks to the judges Mr T Pehar (Hr) and L Pinto Texeira (P) for your words of appreciation about Zelda.
From July 2015 up to now in 10 weekends she has amassed a record of 11 Cacib wins (Bob or Bos winner everytime), not bad we’d say!
Cousin “Thunder” was RCac/RCacib both days too. This was our second weekend of showing this year.

Zelda is always owned, loved and conditioned by Sabrina Paradiso and Stefano Ladolfi. Hats off!




February 2016 – USA News

Very proud to hear that our American boy is doing well on the field!

Gaston Lagaffe del Gran Pamir‘s latest wins include 3 Best Of Breed’s (ASFA LC) taking him VERY close to his title. He has taken a break from the ring waiting to mature, we look forward to hear more about him soon!

Gaston is owned by Patty Dahlman.



January 10th 2016 – International Show Milano

Judge Mr J Vuorinen (Fin)


** Eleanor Rigby del Gran Pamir  
CAC CACIB BOS Crufts Qualified 2017

** Thundelarra Thunder del Gran Pamir 

Starting off the new year with another Cacib win a row, Zelda keeps on showing off and turning heads. She keeps on collecting wins and she started being campaigned only 6 months ago…. She’s fit for fight, watch for her! Proudly owned and conditioned by Sabrina Paradiso.