Book & Writing


Cinzia is the well known author of many studies and articles about the Afghan Hound as well as other sighthounds.

She has been a co-operator (“independent” writer) for dogs’ magazines and encyclopedic works, writing articles and technical studies about dogs and sighthounds. She worked on the Afghan Hound Study and on the Borzoi Standard Study for our A.H. Club and for E.N.C.I. (It. K.C.) that are published in some encyclopaedias and some ENCI publications. Her latest, time-consuming work is “The Afghan Hound: How and Why” and its extension “Type & Types” as well as the “Proposal for a United Breed Standard”, whose first presentation was at the 2005 AH World Congress in South Africa.

You can enjoy these studies here in pdf format:


She’s also the author of the first and only book about the breed in Italy, have a look here!


Tra i numerosi lavori e gli studi di Cinzia sulla razza (si veda la sezione “Libro Il Levriero Afghano“), consigliamo la lettura del più recente, la cui prima stesura è stata presentata già nel 2005 al Congresso Mondiale di Sud Africa. Potete leggerlo in formato pdf: