Parvati Palitha del Gran Pamir 



(Group Winning Kendall del Ghyryo x Nymphadora Nexos del Gran Pamir)

Puppy SBIS AHWC 2014

CAC/CACIB Winner first time in Intermediate class 

License of Lure Coursing


About Ray

“Ray” is the most affectionate yet a dominant girl! At home she rules: she reminds us her granny “Tuuli” a lot, in body and mind. And her eyes! The almond shaped eyes who tell it all… something we love and give priority to in our breed. She’s well built overall with a powerful, dominant temperament.

She made her show debut by winning SBIS Puppy at the AH World Congress in 2014 and right before her first false pregnancy she managed to win her first Cacib at her first show in Intermediate class. And now she’s naked! She will be back when coat has fully grown back, meantime she supports her littermates Pawnie and Thunder at the shows they attend.



Ray’s Photo gallery